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BBQ on the go

the rub's Food Truck Catering

The Rub Bar-B-Que strives to give every customer 100% tastebud satisfaction. We spent endless hours perfecting our recipe solely so our customers could have a one-of-a-kind Bar-B-Que experience. With tender meats smoked to perfection, a tangy original sauce paired with traditional bar-b-que sides. Our signature Bar-B-Que bowls, smoked ribs, and Bar-B-Que sandwiches are award winning. Once you’ve tasted The Rub’s pulled pork, ribs, or smoked meatloaf, you’re sure to have found your new favorite Bar-B-Que spot!

Hosted | Want to host delicious BBQ for all of your guest? No Problem! The Rub offers on site Food Truck catering for a minimum of three hours, all you need to do is establish a set menu and price per person and you're set to host the best event yet!

Individual | If your guest will be purchasing their own food from the Food Truck, for these events we ask to hold a credit card as a deposit and issue a refund in the amount of net sales before the truck drives away.

Minimum $800 | Deposit $200

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Rub Food Truck

frequently asked questions

Is there a min order or cost?

Yes, there is a minimum order of $800 (Approximately 60-70 Guest) This is required to cover our cost of our time, labor, food, and operating cost for The Rub Food Truck.

How do I book the Rub Food Truck?

Call 913-894-1820 or Click HERE to book today!

How many people can the Rub Serve in an Hour? 

The Rub food Truck has two service windows and can serve about 250 people per hour with the standard menu.  

How far in advance should I book the Rub Food Truck for my event?

We book on a "1st come; 1st serve" basis.  Weekend fill up fast.  All events must be booked in advance to allow time to prepare.

Who Pays?

Either the Host pays, or the guests can pay individually. In either case the host will be responsible for meeting the $800 min.  For subdivisions, we recommend using sign up Genus to help Market your event.

What are my menu choices?

The Rubs current Food Truck Menu with prices can be found on our website at However, we can create a custom menu for your specific event. (We can offer Appetizers, Kid friendly menus, Wedding menus, Vegetarian items, Beverage menus). If you have custom need, simply ask and we will be glad to create one just for your event. Allergen information is available on request. 

How big of space does the Food Truck Need? 

The Rub food Truck is about 30’ long and 7.5’ wide and requires flat ground.  It is self-contained and has a quiet generator with its own lighting and water.  

Is a deposit required?

Yes, a non-refundable deposit of $200 is required and guarantees that no one else can take that date. The deposit will be applied to the total invoice. If weather forces us to reschedule you can transfer the deposit to a new date. 

Do we have to offer beverages on the Rub Food Truck? 

No, the host can provide beverages if they meet the min order of $800. By not offering beverages you may need more guest to hit your min. 

What about bad weather?

If inclement weather happens.  1) When foreseen rain happens, we will bring a tent to set up outside of the Food Truck to help shield from rain. 2)  If high winds or tornados are possible, we may need to reschedule, and need a min of 2 hours’ notice.


We'll roll the party over to you for your next school event. You're students and staff will be wishing The Rub was your cafeteria after their first food truck experience with us.


Our food truck menu has a little bit of something for everyone on your big day! The Rub Catering will provide you and your guests with the perfect plate.


Forget the potluck! We'll bring the grub to you. Mix it up with our Signature Bar-B-Que Bowls, and tell everyone to come hungry!

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