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the Rub Bar-B-Que Catering


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We have been catering since 2011 and all of our catering sessions come with plastic serving utensils, eating utensils, plates, napkins, buns, and extra Bar-B-Que sauce. If you want us to cater your event fill out our form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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The Rub Bar-B-Que catered our wedding this past weekend and it was easily one of the best decisions we made during the planning process! My husband wanted me to review them 6/5 because it’s THAT good! Everyone was raving about the food at the reception! Our favs were the burnt ends (they literally melt in your mouth!), the cheesy corn, and the baked beans! So delicious! If we lived closer to The Rub, I guarantee we would eat there regularly! Highly recommend for your catering needs! They managed the buffet line, the food was piping hot when we went through the line and they cleaned it all up afterwards! Great customer service skills and even better food! Thanks to The Rub for making our wedding reception that much better! ❤️
Kylie Ferrell

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The Rub Bar-B-Que strives to give every customer 100% tastebud satisfaction. We spent endless hours perfecting our recipe solely so our customers could have a one-of-a-kind Bar-B-Que experience. With tender meats smoked to perfection, a tangy original sauce paired with traditional bar-b-que sides. Our signature Bar-B-Que bowls, smoked ribs, and Bar-B-Que sandwiches are award-winning. Once you’ve tasted The Rub’s pulled pork, ribs, or smoked meatloaf, you’re sure to have found your new favorite Bar-B-Que spot!

Hosted | Want to host a delicious BBQ for all of your guest? No Problem! The Rub offers on-site Food Truck catering for a minimum of three hours, all you need to do is establish a set menu and price per person and you're set to host the best event yet!

Individual | If your guest will be purchasing their own food from the Food Truck, for these events we ask to hold a credit card as a deposit and issue a refund in the amount of net sales before the truck drives away.

Minimum $800 | Deposit $200

Bar-B-Que is always a hit!
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